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PART I: Company Information...
1.Will this be your company's first 401k plan, or are you replacing an already-existing plan?
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8.Your 401k decision-making role
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15.Type of entity
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16.Number of full-time employees on payroll
PART II: Plan Information...

Note: Complete item #19 below ONLY if the 401k plan will be your company's FIRST retirement plan ever.
If your company already has a retirement plan and will be having 401k replace that plan, please use our Conversion Plan Order Form instead of this New Plan Order Form. Thank You.

19. Number of full-time employees currently on your payroll

20. Plan Administrator

Most 401k customers name their company as their official 401k Plan Administrator, though you do have the option of designating an outside party to handle your 401k plan administration via 401k.

Who will serve as Plan Administrator for your 401k plan? If you don't know, mark the "Unsure. Please contact..." box.

when need be.

21.Plan Trustee(s)

Who at your company will serve as your 401k plan's Trustee(s)? Please include his/her/their title(s) (such as "CFO"), as applicable. If you are unsure who will serve as your plan's trustee(s), mark the "Unsure. Please contact..." box below.
Trustee(s) phone number(s):

22.Compliance test preferences

(remember, just mark "Unsure" if you want help with any item; compliance test preferences is something people new to 401k plans usually need help with)

You have some flexibility regarding the parameters by which the IRS compliance tests your plan will have to pass each year are run. Your 401k software will have your preferences hardwired into it so you can run accurate compliance tests as often as you like (we recommend monthly). 401k will keep you apprised of your plan's health and help ensure your plan passes its critical year-end tests.

The determination of Highly-Compensated versus Non-Highly-Compensated Employees for your plan will be based on the previous year's wages. Would you like your plan to limit the definition of Highly-Compensated Employees to "the top 20% of employee"?

23.What age requirement do you want for your 401k plan?

27.Employer contributions

If you plan to run your 401k as a safe harbor plan, please indicate any relevant safe harbor employer contributions at item 32 of this order form and DO NOT include your safe harbor contribution formula(s) herein under item 27 Employer Contributions. (click for more information)

Your company can contribute to plan participants' accounts in any of three ways:
(1) regular matching contributions,
(2) discretionary employer contributions, and/or
(3) qualified nonelective contributions.

Regular matching contributions (RMCs) are defined in terms of participant's elective contribution (e.g., 50¢ contributed by the employer for each dollar contributed by the plan participant). Discretionary employer contributions (DECs) are basically profit-sharing contributions, although the employer's contribution does not have to be limited to net profits. Qualified nonelective contributions (QNECs) are allocated on the basis of compensation or some other variable aside from a participant's elective contribution; they are made to ALL eligible employees regardless of whether or not the employee contributes to or participates in the 401k plan — unless the QNEC is being used to satisfy ADP or ACP test corrections. As for vesting, RMCs and DECs can be subject to vesting schedules, but QNECs are always 100% vested to employees' accounts when made.

1) Will your company be making any REGULAR MATCHING CONTRIBUTIONS to employees' accounts?

AND our company (check one) contribute an additional discretionary percentage, to be determined by our company.

2) Would your company like to have the option of being able to make DISCRETIONARY EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTIONS (i.e., profit-sharing contributions) to employees' accounts?

3) Would your company like to have the option of being able to make QUALIFIED NONELECTIVE CONTRIBUTIONS to employees' accounts?

32.Safe Harbor Designations

The IRS allows 401k plan sponsors an alternative to subjecting their 401k plans to annual discrimination testing. The safe harbor method of plan operation lets employers instead make certain contributions to the plan, with immediate vesting of the contributions to employees' 401k accounts. (click for more information)

Do you want to operate your 401k plan as a safe harbor 401k plan?

If you are choosing to operate your 401k plan as a safe harbor plan, which employer contribution formula would you like to employ?

If you are choosing to operate your 401k plan as a safe harbor MATCHING CONTRIBUTION plan, how often do you want your employer matching contributions to be made?

PART III: Purchase Information...

33.The price of your 401k system

(The 401k is licensed on a calendar year basis, which requires the purchase of a new license at the beginning of each calendar year)

1 eligible employee $ 335
2-4 eligible employees $ 430
5-10 eligible employees $ 620
11-15 eligible employees $ 760
16-20 eligible employees $ 940
21-25 eligible employees $ 1,085
26-30 eligible employees $ 1,260
31-35 eligible employees $ 1,445
36-40 eligible employees $ 1,670
41-45 eligible employees $ 1,875
46-50 eligible employees $ 2,000
50+ eligible employees $ 2,000 + $ 150 for every 5 additional employees
IRS-Approved 401k Prototype and Summary Plan Description Customized to the Client's Requirements
Live Online Plan Set-Up and Training for 401k Plan Sponsor 
Ongoing Telephone and Email Pension Rules Consulting and Support for 401k Plan Sponsor
401k Plan Compliance and Top-Heavy Testing Available Online at a Mouse Click
Secure Online 401k Account Management for Employer and Employees
Self-Directed 401k Brokerage with Commission-Free Stock Trading and No-Load Mutual Funds
Quick & Easy Conversion of a Participant's 401k to an IRA Rollover at Self-Directed Brokerage
Employer can Upload Payroll and Contribution Data and Authorize Purchases 24/7
Employer has Option of Sending a Printed Purchase Order with Contributions to Self-Directed Brokerage
401k is Eligible for Hardship Withdrawals
Self-Directed Brokerage Education, Assistance and Investment Selection for 401k Participants 24/7

34. FIRST-YEAR-ONLY setup fee

(Remember, this fee, unlike the above Annual Fee, is NONREFUNDABLE but generally tax-deductible. We encourage you to "test drive" No Fees 401k before you complete your purchase. Simply request a link to our online Demo to see for yourself how easy managing your company's 401k online can be.

35.TOTAL (system price + setup fee)

PART IV: Payment Preference...


We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your order to confirm your designations and answer any questions you have.

Do you prefer to be contacted regarding your order by telephone or e-mail?

37.When your 401k representative calls you to go over any items about which you marked "Unsure..." and to collect additional information needed for your plan's official Summary Plan Description (SPD) and Prototype Plan Adoption Agreement, you will be able to pay your 401k customization fee using your Visa, MasterCard, or by check through the mail; there is a five-day holding period on all check orders.

As soon as we receive your payment we will customize your software, prepare official documents for your review, then set-up out your customized system. You can have your 401k up and running within the week.

PART V: How did you hear about "No Fees 401k"?

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