Low Cost 401k for Small Business

A 401k With No Fees is Better Than a 401k Promoting "Low Fees"

Why Settle For "Low Fees" When You Can Sponsor a 401k With No Fees?

No Fees 401k is designed for owners of small businesses. Its low price is based soley on the number of employees on your payroll. 401k fees are never deducted or "skimmed" from assets; Not your assets--not your employees' assets--EVER! The plan is quick and easy to set-up and your employees have unlimited investment choices because No Fees 401k securely links with self-directed brokerages like Charles Schwab.

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We were thinking of calling our new service the Low Price 401k because it's the lowest cost 401k available anywhere online.

Or we could have called it the Small Business 401k because it's low price is based solely on the number of employees you hire; the value of plan assets are irrelevant.

We were considering the name 401k With No Fees because asset-based fees should be banned. According to non-profit AARP, fees skimmed 401k participants' assets cause permanent, serious damage.

Self Directed 401k was under consideration because participants control their personal 401k investments at established brokerages like Charles Schwab, Vanguard, and Fidelity, among others.

We could have named it the "Ikea" 401k because it's high-quality, low priced, and sets-up fast.

We almost settled on the name Try Before You Buy 401k because you, the small business owner, can test drive No Fees 401k interactive online demo.

No Fees 401k is the "little brother" to 401k Easy. No Fees 401k has essential features at rock bottom prices. It's a complete, IRS-approved, "ready-to-use" 401k designed for price-sensitive small businesses.

401k Easy, No Fees 401k's "big brother," offers additional features for a slightly higher price.