No Fees 401(k) Pricing

Low Cost 401(k) With No 401(k) Fees

You claim to be the lowest-priced 401(k) available. Prove it.

Our simple, low-cost 401(k) pricing policy: No Fees 401(k) price depends exclusively on how many full-time employees are on your payroll. We guarantee no deductions or "skimming" of 401(k) fees from the employer's or the employee's retirement assets. No hidden fees, commissions, or "kickbacks" to advisors, no fees paid to administrators or payroll providers, EVER!

No Fees 401(k) is a subsidiary of Pension Systems Corporation, providing American small businesses with affordable, quality 401(k) plans for over 30 years. Pension Systems Corporation has been a member of the Silicon Valley, California Better Business Bureau for over 25 years, with a consistent A+ rating.

One Time Set-Up Fee $445.

First Year Annual Fees:

Monthly Base Price $35 Per Month
Eligible Employee Price $3 Per Eligible Employee Per Month

Please Note: No Fees 401(k) is sold on a Calendar Year basis. All new first-year clients are charged the one-time-only plan set-up fee. The pricing above applies to the first year of service only. Renewal fees may be adjusted because no set-up fee is charged in subsequent years, and your company may be eligible for a full federal tax credit. Please consult with a tax advisor for specifics.

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